Haruyuki Mohri


C++Builder XE8(64Bit) Form->Sort() examples. (lambda expression)

描画順序 (Z オーダー) [Delphi Programming]

To describe the DEKOsan article in C++

C++Builder(FireMonkey) of the Sort() method "virtual void __fastcall Sort (_di_TFmxObjectSortCompare Compare);"


I have received advice from @owlsperspective san.

C++ での Delphi 無名メソッドの扱い方 - RAD Studio


64Bit of the "C++BuilderXE8 Compiler" can be written in C11(LLVM).
So "lambda expression" is I can use.
Description is Simple.

[](TFmxObject* Left, TFmxObject* Right)->int{}

 But, a little different from the DEKOsan program behavior.