Haruyuki Mohri


C++Builder XE8 FireMonkey(32Bit) Form->Sort() template

Was using a "lambda" was described in the previous 64Bit "sort program".

It will be replaced for "32bit compiler".

XE8 edition "32Bit compiler" is not a "LLVM".

So "lambda expression" can not be used.

Arguments of this sort function so _di_TFmxObjectSortCompare, create a corresponding template.


Inside "Invoke (TFmxObject * Left, TFmxObject * Right)" is called.
It will be provided was adapted "operator ()" to. 


 The argument of the "Sort function", pass the "TAho".

Use _di_TFmxObjectSortCompare.


 Reference URL.

C++ での Delphi 無名メソッドの扱い方 - RAD Studio