Haruyuki Mohri


Use the "TAggregatedObject(IInterface)" in "C++Builder"

"TAggregatedObject" because it is for Delphi,

Use the "TCppAggregatedObject" in the case of "C++Builder".


How to use in Delphi, please look at the blog of Hosokawa san(Delphi MVP).

For "TCppInterfacedObject", please look here.

It makes a "IInterface" inherited interface.

__interface __declspec(uuid("{37A1B491-915F-4FE5-A2D8-2C319338BF6E}")) IFoo : public IInterface
    virtual int __fastcall setBar(int value) = 0;
    virtual int __fastcall getBar() = 0;

Create a class that inherits from "TCppAggregatedObject "

"IFoo" is interface of the above.

struct TFoo : public TCppAggregatedObject<IFoo >
    int FiBar;
    __fastcall TFoo(const _di_IInterface ctrl) : TCppAggregatedObject<IFoo>(ctrl)
        { FiBar = 0; }
    int __fastcall setBar(int value){ FiBar = value; return FiBar; };
    int __fastcall getBar(){return FiBar;};
    __property int Bar = {read=getBar,  default=0};


__fastcall TForm1::TForm1(TComponent* Owner)
    : TForm(Owner)
    _di_IInterface ifobj;
    IFoo* ifoo1 = new TFoo(ifobj);

    TFoo* foo1 = new TFoo(ifobj);

    IFoo* foo2 = ifoo1;
// delete ifoo1;//So interface, this can not delete.

    IFoo* foo3 = foo1;

    delete foo1;

    assert( foo2->getBar() ==123);
    assert( foo3->getBar() ==234);


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